Highlights 2017

Awards for educational projects

  • SAMW Award: Interprofessionality 2017: Beate Brem (IML), Claudia Schlegel (Berner Bildungszentrum Pflege) und Noemi Schaffner (BFH). Project: Interprofessionelles Lernen mit interprofessionellen Peer Tutoren.

  • Award of the association for medical education of the German speaking countries (GMA) for the most innovative project idea: “Improving the education of medical students by curriculum development with entrustable professional activities: a trinational pilot project”: S. Pinilla, K. Dimitriadis, A Hofhansl, A Anvari-Pirsch, Ch. Berendonk, S. Huwendiek. 

SPSim 2017 Conference was organised by the Institute for Medical Education (S. Guttormsen conference Chair). SPSim is an international and interprofessional conference on the use of simulations and standardized patients in healthcare education organized by four partner institutions: BFH, HESAV, BZ Pflege and the IML in Bern. 

Successful implementation of a peer-teaching course for ECG Training in the 6th year of under-graduate medical education in cooperation with U. Woermann and J. Fuhrer, head of rhythmology and electrophysiology at the University Hospital.

Mandated from the national exam commission for the federal licencing exam, the IML organised for the first time a national two-day workshop for the development and revision of Multiple Choice-questions for the federal exam in human medicine. The workshop resulted in a good output of high qualitative exam questions (T. Schurter, B. König, J. Meng, C. Delmas, M. Liechti, F. Wagner, B. Zurbuchen, P. Jucker, M. Dahinden, R. Laubscher, E. van Gessel, R. Bonvin, P. Bednarski, B. Hug, R. Kropf)

Development and production of more than 600 moulages together with the Dep. of Dermatology for the federal licensing exam with support of 3D printing technologies: M. Germano. S. Wüst, D. Bauer, K. Schnabel

PROFILES: A new national framework of learning objectives for undergraduate education in human medicine was finalised. Two IML Co-Workers were part of the national developing team: P. Jucker-Kupper as general secretary and Ch. Berendonk as member of the working group.

Modernization of the e-Learning tool MorphoMed (R. Beck, S. Heinzmann, U. Woermann with external experts): The online learning program for Anatomy, Histology and Pathology was completely redesigned and published in September 2017. Feedback from students and faculty was very positive. 

The engagements of children as standardised patients in an objective structured clinical examination (OSCE) was successfully implemented in Bern for the second time: S. Feller, R. Krings, K. Schnabel, S. Wüst, M. Steinlin, F. Merz, S. Huwendiek. The involvement of the children as standardized patients was highly appreciated by the students and examiners.

Annual Report 2017 of the Medical Faculty

Jahresbericht lesen (IML S. 68 - 69)